Foundation Voorthuizen Liberation 1945

Tromplaan 1

3781TC Voorthuizen, Netherlands

The Foundation Voorthuizen Liberation 1945 has been established by two eye witnesses of the liberation in 1945, that is: Henk van Drie in Voorthuizen and Late Gert Jan van Elten in Voorthuizen (at that time Kootwijkerbroek), and one person who was closely involved with the liberation, Henk van Beek from Barneveld.

There had been particularly fierce battles in Otterlo and Voorthuizen / Prinsenkamp between Canadian and German military, but also elsewhere in the district Barneveld, such as on Gelkenhorst and in Wessel and Zeumeren, there were numerous victims.

Our goal is to give support to the memorials and festivities organised for the commemoration of the liberation in 1945.

E-Mail: info@voorthuizenliberation1945.nl

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